Our mission is all about building bridges between musical genres, generations, races, and cultures, past and present. What people will discover when they listen to our music? “It is Love”. Having such a mindset enables our production environment to be more conductive for innovative things to happen.

At an early age performing with such artist as Anita Baker, Force MD’s, Chapter 8, and The Time, as well as legends Martha Reeves and LJ Reynolds, John Smith came up with the concept of combining the forms of Jazz, Funk, R&B, and Latin. Which birth the form know now as “Latin Funk”. His vision of the genre came to be after the tragic death of the artist Selina. From that moment John internalized his vision and proceeded to go forth and create the sound that dwelled within him.

To this day Da`Ja has built the bridge of these special genres of music together and presented it to the people. Some popular venues were the Detroit Gem Theatre, Fisher Theatre, Chene Park, Hart Plaza, The Detroit Opera House, and their debut performance at Captain’s Bar and Grill.

Da`Ja continued progression is to capture the international circuit and bring Latin Funk to the forefront of the music industry.


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